30 Day Readmission
Prevention Program

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Reduction in 30 day
Readmission Rates

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30 Day Readmission Prevention Program

Readmissions are plaguing the health care system – Not only is it a waste of healthcare resources, but it highlights that patients are not getting the level of care they need after discharge.

Home visits, Home care are not the solution. These visits are short and not designed to educate, support and coordinate care at the level that is needed.

MD practices, ACOs, PAC facilities are ill-equipped to provide the level of patient and PROVIDER engagement needed in order to effectively coordinate care, educate patients, monitor symptoms, and perform medication therapy management.

Hospitals are feeling the Financial burden – Not only does Medicare charge up to a 3% penalty on all Medicare claims for hospitals with high 30 day readmission rates, But there is a large fixed cost associated with readmissions that CMS and 3rd party payors are NOT reimbursing for.

30 Day Readmission Reduction

Hospital Volume (# of discharges in one year)
National 30-Day Readmission Rate
# of patients readmitted in 30 Days
Average cost of Readmission in 30 days
30-Day Readmission Prevention Program
# of patients readmitted in 30 Days
30% Reduction in 30-Day Readmissions
Average cost of Readmission in 30 days
Annual Impact
Annual Impact
Net Savings

Care Management Solutions

There are many fee for service providers of care management. We at Frontizo believe in providing our ACOs, Hospitals and Clinics with a strong comprehensive program designed to add value to the lives of their patients

Our program deploys a full-suite of solutions designed to give providers and their patients the level of support needed to improve health outcomes. Providers can choose to have Frontizo provide all of the services or just some.

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Care Management Solutions

Transitional Care Management (TCM)

  • Transitioning the patient from the IP setting to their new setting
  • Review DC Plan / Medications / Review pending treatments and tests / Treatment plan with patient
  • Reach out to and educate all care-givers and providers on admission and DC instructions
  • Schedule all follow-up visits with community providers and services
  • Establish a Unified Care plan

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • Dedicated Care Manager who performs Multiple check-ins with the patient every month and updates a live Care Plan
  • Early identification of symptom exacerbations
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Care goal creation / patient education and coaching towards treatment plan
  • Coordination of care with all providers and caregivers

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • Provide patient with appropriate sensors and orient patient to usage
  • Real-time collection, monitoring and interpretation of physiologic data
  • 24/7 - Time-sensitive interventions by clinicians when physiologic data is abnormal

30 Day Readmission Reduction

Increased patient follow up:
  • 86% decrease in missed MD appointments
  • 93% of MDs reported stronger adherence by patients to
    treatment plans and care goals
    Inclusive Approach:
    • Including care-givers in the patients care plan
    • Ensuring all providers are aligned on treatment goals
    • Incorporation of Behavioral health needs
      Personalized Coaching:
      • Working with patients to set and achieve care goals
      • Addressing problems / needs / symptoms in real time
        50% reduction on 30 day readmissions within 1 year!
        25 Clinics, 10837 Patients
        • Prior to the program - Of the 10,837 patients there were 1,393 episodes of 30 day readmissions (13%)
        • Post program – 656 episodes of 30 day readmissions (~6%)

        We are EXPERTS, thus our programs get results. We have demonstrated significant reductions in HbA1C levels, COPD exacerbations, and a 50% reduction in 30 day readmissions. We are moving patients towards the treatment plans their providers already have in place!