Patient IQ


Revenue Cycle Management

Practice Transformation

You are a STAR! Frontizo is an extension of your practice. We WHITE LABEL all services allowing you to build your brand.

We offer our clients a full suite of products designed to enhance their Patient IQ, optimize practice workflows, as well as streamline and enhance revenue to the practice - all with the end goal of providing the highest level of care possible for their patients.

Patient IQ

You can’t fix what you don’t know - Frontizo provides practices with Screening, care coordination and monitoring platforms and services designed to provide physicians with much needed information on their patients.

360 view - Frontizos experts will provide a tailored solution to your practice, via a combination of our care management services and technology platforms to give you, and all other providers a full view of the patient.


Bring the capabilities of a large medical facility into your practice - We will bring the specialists to you. Frontizo's consultants will provide you with a report of which patients would benefit from a specialist, whether it be pscyh, or cardiology. Frontizo will create a telemedicine room in your practice, thus making your practice a one-stop-shop for all of the patient’s medical needs.

Keep an eye on your patients outside of the practice – We all worry about our patients when they are not around. Receiving objective data, ensuring that your patients are doing well at home, provides physicians with the peace of mind they need. Frontizo will provide your patients with sensors, and 24/7 monitoring and the practice with monthly reports free of charge

Revenue Cycle Management

Both small and large practices are having issues generating enough revenue to stay viable. This is distracting physicians from what they do best - treating patients!

Physician practices are a vital component of the healthcare system, and if they can’t stick around then patients and communities lose. Frontizo's mission is to provide MD offices with free and low-cost solutions that not only increase the level of care a practice can deliver, but also provide practices with the extra revenue they desperately need.

We provide all services white labeled to the hospital free of charge. Hospitals are saving millions with our program!